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Sponsor a Member of the Chorus

Each member of Out Loud not only spends many hours at rehearsals, but are also responsible for paying monthly dues.


Membership dues are $25 monthly. For some chorus members they cannot afford to pay this. We believe that everyone should be able to sing regardless of their ability to pay dues. However, when members cannot pay, it puts a strain on our budget and does not allow us to fully implement the kind of concerts that our audience has come to expect.


We would like your help.


You as a community member can step up to pay a chorus members dues for a year. While we will not tell you who you are sponsoring, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference in someone's life.


There are two easy ways to sign up to be a sponsor:

  • $25 a month

  • $300 a year 

Finally, as a token of our deep appreciation, each person who sponsors a chorus member will receive a rainbow colored treble clef pin. This pin will be sent to you and we want you to wear it with pride at our concerts.

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