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Out Loud Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus



Supervised by:  Out Loud Chorus Council

Purpose of Position:    Contract position – to provide artistic direction and musical direction for the Out Loud chorus

Time Commitment:   Approximately 8 hours per week: Flexible hours, evenings and weekends


Out Loud Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus is a community chorus that is comprised of members from the LGBTQ+ community that are male, identify as male, or non-binary. Our mission is to inspire solidarity throughout the community and being a force to celebrate our collective humanity through song.



1. Promote the Chorus' focus on its mission (10%)

  • Work with the Chorus, the Council, and volunteers to promote a positive atmosphere of community within the organization.

  • Network with other arts organizations, music directors, and community groups to increase the visibility of the Chorus and to encourage collaboration.


2. Design, coordinate, and direct Chorus programming (70%)

  • Organize an annual performance schedule including subscription concerts, outreach concerts and tours.

  • Organize a rehearsal schedule at the beginning of each concert year.

  • Conduct regular rehearsals as scheduled.

  • Conduct auditions twice annually.

  • Design each concert performance including theme development and integration of guest artists, ensembles, soloists and visual elements.

  • Research and recommend technicians and musicians for each concert project, as appropriate.

  • Coordinate with the Production Committee to ensure that technical needs, venue contracts, blocking, costuming, and staging details run smoothly.

  • Audition, select and coach soloists.

  • Provide any necessary support and artistic guidance to any outreach performance of the chorus.

  • Communicate with the Accompanist regarding the rehearsal list, tempos and other performance details for recording rehearsal tapes.

  • Provide rehearsal tracks as needed to support memorization of music by the chorus.

  • Provide guidance and leadership to the Assistant Director and accompanist.


3. Facilitate the work of the Music Advisory Committee (10%)

  • Identify concert themes and collaborations that support the chorus mission. Research appropriate music for the upcoming season.

  • Ensure that current season music is selected and purchased with the assistance of committee members.

  • Secure new arrangements and performance rights where appropriate.


4. Communicate regularly with the Chorus Members and Chorus Council (10%)

  • Provide clear, positive communication of expectations to the chorus through verbal and electronic means.

  • Attend Chorus Council meetings and provide necessary information as needed

  • Attend and provide input for the annual Out Loud meeting in October.


5. Required Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • BA or Advanced Degree in Music with an emphasis in choral conducting or equivalent conducting experience (minimum 5-6 years).

  • Experience conducting or working with a community-based chorus and with singers of various musical skills and experience.

  • Interest in and commitment to embracing the mission of  the Chorus.

  • Ability to offer strong leadership skills as well as to balance work within a team setting.

  • Flexibility in working with a diverse group of volunteers and personalities.

  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • An ability to work within electronic mediums: word processing, e-mail, internet, intranet, social media and video conferencing.



  • Payment starts at $750.00 per month (Negotiable depending on experience)


Please submit your resume to fbhall75@gmail.com no later than March 9, 2021. Resumes submitted after this date will not be accepted or reviewed by the committee.