It’s with heavy hearts that we at Out Loud Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus announce that, due to medical safety concerns, we have canceled our Winter season. We are still a vibrant group, and we are determined to continue to uplift and inspire the community of Colorado Springs, as well as the members of our musical and LGBTQ+ families in Colorado and around the world.

We are about to embark on a campaign to increase our presence and interactions on social media, which will include more information about OLCSMC’s inner workings, as well as some exposés of some of our members.

We are also going to increase our interaction in the Colorado Springs community by volunteering in local charity and community service projects.

Of course, we will definitely be singing whenever we can! We haven’t yet made decisions about when we will have our next in person concert, but we are continuing to monitor the pandemic and adjust our plans accordingly. We’re also researching and experimenting with other performance formats; so, you just might see something new and special from us, before we even have our next in person concert!

So, bookmark our website, follow us on social media, and we’ll see you soon!

Instagram: @outloudcsmc


Our Mission

Out Loud inspires solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community

and is a force for celebrating our collective humanity through song.

Out Loud is honored to be associated with the historic First Congregational Church.
Thank you FCCUCC family!

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